Q1. Will this page be useful?

Hopefully, but if it's not then drop us an email to info(at)kwoteclothing.com and we'll answer any questions you've got for us.


Q2. Are the designs official or licensed?

Absolutely not. None of our designs are official or endorsed by third-parties. They are our creative interpretations of things that we've come across in general life. If you have any issues with any of our designs then please feel free to contact us.


Q3. Are the t-shirts quality materials?

Hell yeah. We could've made a little more money by using a cheaper t-shirt, but we wanted to create clothes that we'd wear too, and our standards are high. When presented with options, we chose the t-shirt we all agreed was the best fit vs weight and you can tell.


Q4. Why did you start Kwote?

Honestly? Bank, cheddar, bucks, deniros, coin, cash, money and of course glory. But we also really love design. If we can make a little living by creating and selling good design then everyone wins and the world's a better place. Well, maybe not a better place but there's some better T-Shirt designs out there, basically means the same thing, right?


Q5. Where are you based?

In sunny England, as is our production and our distribution centre.


Q6. Who creates your designs?

Us, we do, the small team at Kwote! There's no big corporate wheel, we design t-shirts, look after this website, promote them online and they are printed on demand


Q7. What are the t-shirts made from?

Our Kwote Quote T-Shirts designs are printed on 100% cotton T-Shirts.


Q8. What is your returns policy?

You can find out more by visiting our Returns Page


Q9. Is VAT charged online?

Yep, VAT is included in the price of the sale and charged appropriately based on your territory.


Q10. Will you ship outside of the U.K?

We use a trackable courier service for some of our deliveries. International deliveries can take 3-8 business days. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout and can depend on where you live. Import Duty and Tax, where applicable, are paid by the respective customer.